Sitting along the banks of the scenic Cold River (Yes, that's its name), this farm property dates back to the earliest settlers in the Town of Acworth, with artifacts being discovered on the grounds dating back to the Revolutionary War period and throughout the 1800s and early 1900s. The entire river valley and area is like stepping back in time. Prior to the Gowen family becoming owners and stewards of the property in the late 1990s, the Newton Family had farmed this land starting around 1860. Historically, the Gowen’s Tamarack Farm next door and the Newton’s Green Meadow Farm were linked together in many ways, including as an overlapping patchwork quilt of properties dating back to the 1870s.

The two farms worked together for decades on many things from the sharing of farm equipment, assisting each other with various farming tasks throughout the seasons, and with the building of various structures, barns and silos at the same time. Leon and Ella Newton were kind and "salt of the earth" people, and were well-known pillars in the Acworth community. In fact, Leon was the Tax Collector in town for decades, and many people still remember dropping off their tax payments to this house.

Please note that while the bulk of our renovation work has been completed, this is all still a work in progress, especially with the barn and the surrounding grounds! We have goals to keep improving and adding to our venue and setting each year and over time. We are also tackling most of the projects ourselves (with local carpentry help), as we carefully aim to repurpose all materials and incorporate as much farm history and artifacts as possible. In addition, we are also doing our best to be wheelchair accessible for events. Bear with us as we aim to achieve our ultimate vision! After only two short years and lots of transformation, there's much more to come!!! In the meantime, please come visit, host an event, and have a great time!

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The Newtons were best known for their hundreds of chickens and a barn full of brown Jersey cows. An imposing two-story Chicken coop once dominated the backyard, but eventually the chickens went away and the coop structure fell into disrepair. Luckily the big historic rustic red barn was saved and has now become our opportunity as an event venue.

Once the Newtons passed away, Dean's older brother and his wife had an opportunity to purchase this farm and knit all the land together as part of a larger Tamarack Farm.  The “Green Meadow Farm” name continued for a few years, as the historic farmhouse was gutted, renovated and transformed into a modern, but historically appropriate, Bed & Breakfast. During this same period, they served "country" dinners on weekends for people throughout the region, accommodating approximately 24 people on Friday and Saturday nights in the Great Hall.

Next, things changed and the business closed.  The house went quiet and converted back to a private residence for many years until the summer of 2020 when things changed again, and the opportunity presented itself for us to make our dreams come true. Gowen's Guest House quickly became a reality!!!

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Where it all started

Between His & Hers Farm and the hundreds of surrounding acres of our family’s Tamarack Farm, it truly is a unique and natural setting unmatched anywhere around. From the backyard at His & Hers Farm, you can hike up the hillside trail onto the family’s adjoining Tamarack Farm property and enjoy some incredible vistas across the state of Vermont. Or you can walk next door on the connecting pathway to visit the cattle or say hi to Dean’s mother, Betty and sister, Karen. There also is a small Farm Store next door with lots of goodies and local crafts.  The combined properties are truly a four-seasons attraction, including a winter wonderland for those who want to bring their snowmobiles, cross-country skis or sleds. Of course, autumn in New England is truly a site to behold, and spring is busy with Maple Syrup production on Tamarack Farm.

Historically, Dean’s Great Great Great Grandfather purchased the Tamarack Farm property in 1877, and fortunately it has remained as an active family farm ever since. To highlight, Dean’s father (who recently passed away at age 95) grew up on the farm, and after serving in WW2 and then graduating from the Cornell Ag School in 1952, he fell in love with a girl from Putney Vermont, and together they made Tamarack Farm the anchor for extended family and friends for decades. After almost 69 years of marriage, Gordon and Betty Gowen established a legacy that Dean and Wendy intend to preserve and protect. Their vision with both farms is to expand and add to that feeling of comfort given to so many over the years. They want their guests to have that feeling of comfort and “home” as they visit and explore all that the combined farms have to offer.  In addition to his mother, Dean’s older brother and one of his sisters also reside on the Tamarack Farm property, and his nephew and family live across the river and oversee much of the day-to-day farming activities – raising beef cattle, producing hay and Maple Syrup on the farm.  In true "Family Farm" fashion, teamwork makes the dream work!

Tamarack Farm : OUr Neighbor and Family next Door